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Ready to launch?

We always start our new relationships with a no-obligation call. This allows
you to get to know more about Accounting & beyond, how we work and whether we
are the right business partner for you. This is also our opportunity to learn a bit more
about you, your business and your current challenges which helps us understand how
best to support you.

If at the end of the call you would like to arrange to meet-up, we
already have an idea of who you are and your current mission so that the time we spend
together can then be focused on moving forward. The call should last no more than half
an hour and you don’t need to worry about having all the facts and figures to hand, it’s
really about us all understanding the now, so we can plan for the future.

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Book your free, no obligation call back today and find out
how we can help your business plan for a prosperous future.

What Our Clients Say

Your advice and support has been invaluable throughout this crisis period. I really appreciate it.

Paul Davidson
Encore Machinery Limited

I have worked with Richard for about 8 years and I couldn’t be happier with the level of service and commitment to the success of our business shown by him and his team. Richard is forward thinking and their desire to ‘go beyond’ and combine the accounting work with an appetite to assist in the success of our business is extremely valuable. I look forward to what the next chapter brings.

Gary Duffy
Enfonic (UK) Limited and Enfonic Limited

The team has been great at helping us get to grips with our income, expenditure and future expectations. This has supported us make decisions about the strategic direction of the business. I would highly recommend ‘Accounting & beyond’.

Suellen Morris
Okasan Marketing

We met with Richard early on in our start-up journey and it’s been great working with him and the team.  They are really keen to know what we’re doing and where we’re going and that’s not just about the numbers. We’ve been working with them to define what’s the best way forward and how we can maximise our sales and grow. Looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring!

Sharon Haylock
The Grandparent Hub Ltd